Dare to DADA

3 min readMar 14, 2023


Innovation through Values: Introducing the new DADAplace.

On this day two years ago, during the height of the NFT boom, we woke up to discover that people were purchasing our first collection of NFTs – the Creeps & Weirdos — directly from our contract in its discontinued marketplace. This unexpected event, which we dubbed the Apestorm, diverted our attention from the Invisible Economy and compelled us to re-engage with the market.

We experienced firsthand the challenges of dealing with traders and speculators who were solely interested in profiting at our expense through toxic behavior such as harassment, defamation, threats, and riots.

But we also witnessed some collectors learn about our vision and transform from traders to Dadakin. This encouraged us to work together towards the promise of the Invisible Economy: safeguarding our creative freedom and our right to build collective wealth.

Since its creation in 2014, DADA has operated on the principle that anyone can prosper artistically and economically through collaboration and community.

No existing system aligned with our principles, so we had to create one.

All of our innovations — such as our visual conversation platform; our launch of NFTs in 2017; our introduction of artists’ royalties on smart contracts; our development of an alternative socio-economic system, the Invisible Economy, and our creation of DADAO, a decentralized autonomous organization with a novel governance model — have been envisioned as experiments through the eyes of artists. We have applied art to life.

In the next few months, we will share a series of initiatives that crystallize our implementation of the Invisible Economy: the radical separation of art-making from the market.

We begin by commemorating the Apestorm’s anniversary with the launch of DADAplace, our new decentralized marketplace that is home to all of our NFTs, vintage and upcoming.

So what’s the innovation?

  • Zero transaction fees or commissions. We don’t do old business models.
  • No enforced royalties. Traders and artists are not in opposition. The Invisible Economy is not a zero sum game.
  • More historic and new DADA NFT collections coming soon.
  • 100% of sales go to the DADA Fund.
  • Introducing the DADA Commons: collective wealth for our global community of artists, technologists, thinkers, researchers, and collectors beyond private and centralized ownership.
  • Introducing DADAO: a new kind of autonomous organization with a unique governance model. Decision making power is not tied to purchases, sales, voting, or number of tokens held.
  • The DADA Collective owns and manages the value it creates.
  • Artists on DADA create art and collaborate freely and spontaneously.
  • DADA artists receive income regardless of whether they sell. They don’t need to shill or cater to the market.

Dare to DADA, discover DADAplace, and celebrate with us another milestone in our pursuit of a better world.




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