DADA and the NFT Craze
2 min readApr 14, 2021


The world is finally catching up.

Creeps & Weirdos launched in October 2017.

You may have heard of the NFT craze that is taking the world by storm.
One NFT sold at Christie’s for $70 million, a Cryptopunk sold for $8 million,
and now everybody wants in.

DADA is a pioneer in the field of crypto art and NFTs, having launched the first collection ever of tokenized art made by artists on Ethereum back in 2017, right after the Cryptopunks and before the Cryptokitties. We precede all of the current crypto art platforms.

We decided to retire the collection during the crypto winter and bring it back in time to launch the Invisible Economy.

But then, this happened:

This collector beat us to it. Hundreds of savvy NFT collectors quickly found a link to our old gallery and found a runaround to buy the Creeps.

Long story short, the existing supply of Creeps & Weirdos was sold out in a matter of hours.

Descontrol, the second collection we issued back in February of 2019, was also snapped up.

DADA got an unexpected windfall just as we are getting ready to launch our token economy.

We’ve always been ahead of our time. Now we are right on time to still be ahead of our time.

We are ready to harness all the value that the artists, our collaborators, collectors, and champions bring to DADA to create wealth for our entire community through the Invisible Economy. Stay tuned.



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