Creeps & Weirdos FAQs
10 min readAug 27, 2021


What is DADA?

DADA is a community of artists, technologists, and collectors which has a digital drawing platform where people create collaborative visual conversations. DADA has the largest collection of tokenizable art with over 136,000 drawings digitally handmade by artists on our drawing platform. The Creeps & Weirdos is a collection of drawings curated from some of those conversations.

What are the Creeps & Weirdos?

The Creeps & Weirdos are a curated collection of 108 different drawings with 5 levels of scarcity made by 30 different artists on (also Each drawing comes from a visual conversation on DADA. The original supply was 16,600 ERC 20 tokens (known as Creeps), released on October 5, 2017. This genesis edition is for sale in this Presale.

An update to the contract was released in February 2019 to upgrade the tokens to the ERC721 standard, add serial print numbers, include metadata on IPFS, and reduce the supply by half to 8300 tokens. These are known as Weirdos.

Do I need to register for the general sale?

No. The general sale aka Public Marketplace is open to the public. You just need your MetaMask wallet and ETH cryptocurrency.

Can I use a different wallet than MetaMask?

We recommend you use MetaMask for optimal results.

When does the Public Marketplace open?

The public marketplace opened on October 5.

Is the presale still going on?

The Presale ended October 1 at 10 am EST.

I registered for the presale. Will presale discounts/prices carry over to the Public Marketplace?

No. The discounts and special presale prices end when the presale ends.

I have a 2019 Weirdo. Can I still swap?

No. The swapping period closed on September 28 at 11:59 pm.

The gas is too high. What can I do?

On your MetaMask you can edit down the gas fees to something more reasonable. Make sure you mark the priority setting as low.

What can I do in this marketplace?

We will be launching the marketplace features on a rolling basis. It will open with the basic buy, sell and transfer functions and we will add from there. Eventually, we will feature bidding, choosing whether to honor DADA royalties, stats, and more features.

Please explain the royalties.

The 2017 ERC20 Creeps feature automatic royalties coded into the smart contract, a first in NFT history. The original distribution on secondary sales is 40% on the collector’s profit to the DADA Collective. As part of the rollout of our marketplace, we will give collectors the option to decide if they want to share the profits or not. Implementing this feature is a priority but it will not be available at launch.

How do I purchase C&W?

To buy, sell, use, and store the C&W you need a MetaMask wallet. MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet with which you can store various tokens and NFTs.

Click here to set up a MetaMask wallet.

What is Metamask?

MetaMask is primarily available as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge but it can also be installed as a mobile app.
To learn how to set up your MetaMask wallet on desktop, please click here.


When creating your MetaMask wallet, please follow the instructions in MetaMask carefully. Save your MetaMask seed phrase somewhere safe! If you lose this, you will lose access to your NFTs, and there is nothing we can do to help you.

How many artworks are in the C&W Collection?

There are 108 different drawings by 30 different artists. The original 2017 contract issued 16,600 collectible ERC20 tokens. When we updated to the second contract in 2019 we reduced the supply to half; that is, 8,500 collectible ERC721 tokens.

Which contract is available in this sale?

Currently, we are only selling the 2017 ERC20 Creeps edition.

What do ERC 20 and ERC 721 mean?

They are different Ethereum token standards.

Why are the Creeps & Weirdos special?

  • The original 2017 ERC20 contract of these Ethereum collectibles was deployed on October 5, 2017.
  • They were the first with automated royalties coded into their smart contracts.
  • They use a modified version of the Cryptopunks contract.
  • They are digitally hand-made by artists exclusively on the DADA drawing platform.
  • DADA was the first decentralized marketplace for artists on Ethereum.
  • They are a unique hybrid between art and collectibles.
  • They are historical artifacts.

One collection, two contracts?

The collection involves an ERC20 token released in 2017 and an ERC721 token released in 2019.

There are 2 different sets of collectibles: similar to a 2017 ERC20 vintage and a 2019 ERC721 vintage. This is an important distinction. The 2017 and 2019 tokens share the same imprint image (the art is the same) but are technologically different with unique attributes.

What is the scarcity and supply of the Creeps & Weirdos?

The collection consists of 108 individual artworks and 5 levels of scarcity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, and Extremely Rare.

2017 ERC20 Creeps: 16,600 tokens.

2019 ERC721 Weirdos: 8,300 tokens.

Where can I buy the Creeps & Weirdos?

The Creeps ERC20 2017 Edition is at the C&W marketplace.

Can I buy them on Open Sea?

Currently, the 2019 ERC721 Weirdos are only available OTC. Only the artworks “Faceless Woman” and “Cyberwar” can be traded on OpenSea.

What’s OTC?

Over the counter. This means direct peer-to-peer sales that involve considerable risk.

Why can’t I sell on OpenSea or other resale markets like Rarible?

The 2017 ERC20 Creeps can’t be resold in OpenSea because they are not standard, it is a modified ERC20.

The 2019 Weirdos can’t be resold because our contract requires whitelisting. Even though you can see the artworks listed, you are not able to buy them or sell them, except for a couple of artworks (Cyberwar and Faceless Woman).

When can I buy and sell in OpenSea?

Trading C&W in Open Sea will require OS to implement different custom logic to support each of the contracts. This will take time, if OS can be convinced by the community to do it.

Are Creeps & Weirdos freely tradeable on any platform?

No. Because they have a unique royalty scheme, they are not tradable on other resale platforms that do not honor our royalties contract.

What is your royalties scheme on secondary sales?

Our royalties are quite unique and were set in 2017 when this project was launched. The royalty structure is 40%, but only on profit. We do not calculate royalties on the amount the art was purchased for. The base cost that the owner paid remains intact and is fully recovered on resale. All royalties will be optional and go towards the DADA Fund.

Why 40% royalties?

Because we distribute all earnings among the community and that’s the minimum we’ve calculated to make it sustainable for our artists.

How are the two collections different?

The 2017 C&W are the genesis edition of a modified ERC20 token with 16,600 digital prints.

The 2019 C&W are an upgraded edition to the ERC721 token with 8,300 digital prints.

Who are the artists of the Creeps & Weirdos?

Raúl Ávila, Betunski, Hernán Cacciatore, Otro Captore, Cromomaniaco, DADA, Jonathan Duarte, Javier Errecarte, María García, Sebastián García, Moxarra González, Norma Xelda Jara, Adriana López, Carlos Márquez, Massel, Brian Mosch, Salvador Nuñez, Lorena Pinasco, Franklin Piragauta, Beatriz Helena Ramos, Mauricio Rodríguez, Erick Sánchez, Serste, Gastón Spur, Talita Sotomayor, Vanesa Stati, Thana, Thaumatropio, Boris Toledo, Boris Z. Simunich.

Where can I find out more about the Creeps & Weirdos?

Here (link to updated landing page).

Where can I find more info about DADA and the collections released on the Ethereum Blockchain?

On our blog and in the following articles:

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How do sales in the DADA Marketplace work? After sold, ETH go to our wallet directly, or we need to withdraw ETH from contract like cryptopunks do?

You withdraw ETH from the contract as with the Cryptopunks.

How are the mint numbers and prices determined?

The rarity is based on the popularity of the conversations that the pieces belong to. Nothing to do with the quality or any other attribute of the art. So if a conversation had a lot of replies, the piece would be an ‘extremely rare’ piece. The prices are set by Dada and they are updated relative to the 2017 prices. They are based on the rarity and the rarity is based on the popularity of the conversation on DADA. The original prices back in 2017 were updated with a minimum cost of 0.5ETH and the same percentage increase was applied to all price points. You can check out the 2017 C&W Catalog created by @Artefact.

Where can I see the Creeps I purchased?

Where can I see the full-size NFTs?

High-res copies are found in the official catalog, just find your picture and click the image in the catalog

Can I transfer my Creeps tokens from the marketplace to another wallet?

Yes, you can. Just click on the transfer button and add the address you want to transfer them to.

Are there any known problems of sending the modified ERC 20 to a Gnosis safe?

No issues but you’ll need to move them using Web Connect / Etherscan.

How can I see my purchased NFTs on OpenSea?

The 2017 ERC20s can’t be viewed on OpenSea as they’re an older token standard. They also can’t be viewed in a wallet beyond a numerical value of how many you own. You can view a count of how many you own in Etherscan or you can view the art of your tokens in the marketplace at

Why are the prices listed at OpenSea much cheaper than the ones on the Creeps marketplace?

The DADA tokens you can see in OpenSea are the 2019 ERC721 Weirdos and the prices you see on OpenSea don’t reflect the real floor. The floor for the 2017 ERC20 Creeps is visible at

If I buy a 2017 NFT from the DADA marketplace, can I sell it on OpenSea later?

No, except for Faceless Woman and Cyberwar, but you can sell all the others on the Creeps Marketplace. Estefi, Enigma by María García has a provenance glitch and that’s the reason we are not putting it on sale.


What are the 2017 and 2019 smart contract addresses?

2017 Creeps:

2019 Weirdos:

I am a 2017 collector. What is the situation with my 2017 token?

Your token is valid. Unpausing this historic contract, which included its own decentralized marketplace, and allowing you to trade the original ERC20 guarantees long-term value to your NFTs. The 721 token has no link to the 2017 provenance. The 2017 contract is the closest link to provenance. Some platforms create their NFTs using questionable practices. We take NFT provenance and permanence seriously.

I am a 2019 collector. What is the situation with my 2019 token?

We believe the 721 tokens have value in their own right, they belong to the Crypto winter era, and were the ones “rediscovered” by what we call the Apestorm. These tokens have superb metadata, and the contracts are independent of the DADA database. This contract offers the possibility of transferring ownership to a community DAO.

Are the original 2017 ERC20 tokens, and the 2019 ERC721s all still valid to token holders? Do I have to re-buy them again in this new sale, or are they perfectly safe as they are and I don’t have to do anything?

They are still valid, they still belong to you, and you don’t have to do anything unless you want to buy more.

What can I do with my 2019 tokens?

They will be available again for sale when we open our expanded marketplace on Palm, which will include other important DADA collections. In the meantime, the 2019 Weirdos are still not possible to trade on OpenSea, except for Cyberwar and Faceless Woman.

How can I join the 2017 and 2019 token holder Discord channels?

To gain access to private token permission chat channels, users enter the command “!join” in the public channel to begin the process of connecting their crypto wallet.

How does the swap work?

2019 ERC 721 C&W Collectors have the option to choose which C&W edition they value the most.

2019 ERC721 Weirdos can be swapped for 2017 ERC20 Creeps from
September 9 to September 16.

The Deadline for the swap is September 16 at 11:59 pm EST

We are reserving a specific 2017 ERC20 Creep for each eligible ERC721 Weirdo. Eligible collectors will be able to call a ‘swapToken’ function after approving the contract.
This function will transfer your ERC721 Weirdo and you will receive the 2017 ERC20 Creep in return, in the same transaction.

You don’t need to be registered for the presale to be able to swap.
Swapping is irreversible.

You are not eligible to swap:
If you don’t have a 2019 ERC721 Weirdo in your wallet.
if you have both a 2017 ERC20 Creep and a 2019 ERC721 Weirdo.
If you got the 2019 ERC721 Weirdo after the presale registration closed on September 7.

What is the “Apestorm”?

In March of 2021, NFT archeologists rediscovered the C&W which were off the market for two years, and found a way to buy them directly from the contract, creating a frenzy.

What is the difference between the 2017 and the 2019 editions?

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