Creeps & Weirdos FAQs

What is DADA?

What are the Creeps & Weirdos?

Do I need to register for the general sale?

Can I use a different wallet than MetaMask?

When does the Public Marketplace open?

Is the presale still going on?

I registered for the presale. Will presale discounts/prices carry over to the Public Marketplace?

I have a 2019 Weirdo. Can I still swap?

The gas is too high. What can I do?

What can I do in this marketplace?

Please explain the royalties.

How do I purchase C&W?

What is Metamask?


How many artworks are in the C&W Collection?

Which contract is available in this sale?

What do ERC 20 and ERC 721 mean?

Why are the Creeps & Weirdos special?

  • The original 2017 ERC20 contract of these Ethereum collectibles was deployed on October 5, 2017.
  • They were the first with automated royalties coded into their smart contracts.
  • They use a modified version of the Cryptopunks contract.
  • They are digitally hand-made by artists exclusively on the DADA drawing platform.
  • DADA was the first decentralized marketplace for artists on Ethereum.
  • They are a unique hybrid between art and collectibles.
  • They are historical artifacts.

One collection, two contracts?

What is the scarcity and supply of the Creeps & Weirdos?

2017 ERC20 Creeps: 16,600 tokens.

2019 ERC721 Weirdos: 8,300 tokens.

Where can I buy the Creeps & Weirdos?

Can I buy them on Open Sea?

What’s OTC?

Why can’t I sell on OpenSea or other resale markets like Rarible?

When can I buy and sell in OpenSea?

Are Creeps & Weirdos freely tradeable on any platform?

What is your royalties scheme on secondary sales?

Why 40% royalties?

How are the two collections different?

Who are the artists of the Creeps & Weirdos?

Where can I find out more about the Creeps & Weirdos?

How do sales in the DADA Marketplace work? After sold, ETH go to our wallet directly, or we need to withdraw ETH from contract like cryptopunks do?

How are the mint numbers and prices determined?

Where can I see the Creeps I purchased?

Where can I see the full-size NFTs?

Can I transfer my Creeps tokens from the marketplace to another wallet?

Are there any known problems of sending the modified ERC 20 to a Gnosis safe?

How can I see my purchased NFTs on OpenSea?

Why are the prices listed at OpenSea much cheaper than the ones on the Creeps marketplace?

If I buy a 2017 NFT from the DADA marketplace, can I sell it on OpenSea later?


What are the 2017 and 2019 smart contract addresses?

I am a 2017 collector. What is the situation with my 2017 token?

I am a 2019 collector. What is the situation with my 2019 token?

Are the original 2017 ERC20 tokens, and the 2019 ERC721s all still valid to token holders? Do I have to re-buy them again in this new sale, or are they perfectly safe as they are and I don’t have to do anything?

What can I do with my 2019 tokens?

How can I join the 2017 and 2019 token holder Discord channels?

How does the swap work?

What is the “Apestorm”?

What is the difference between the 2017 and the 2019 editions?




A collaborative art platform where people worldwide speak through drawings. Building a blockchain token economy for the arts.

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A collaborative art platform where people worldwide speak through drawings. Building a blockchain token economy for the arts.