The HNFT Fest
4 min readNov 22, 2022

What’s next?

We are back from Barcelona with our hearts full of gratitude and inspiration, having learned a lot from the experience of planning a festival that aimed to encourage profound insights and strong bonds within our community. We feel our mission was accomplished and we are thrilled that it proved that we can share ideas and create the kind of events that truly energize and inspire us.

We are grateful to everyone who showed up, all the instigators, both speakers and attendees, for trusting us and running with it. You gave more than we ever imagined and we are honored to have hosted you all.
We are ecstatic about how it all went down and are already thinking about what’s next. (Just give us some time to recover).

Adam McBride, Christian Moss, Shaban Shaame, ROBNESS, Nili Lerner, Tatiana Moroz.

We have some exciting things to look forward to:

  • A commemorative NFT for speakers and attendees is in the works.
  • We continue working on the HNFT Fest Timeline, which will be an ongoing process, and are looking into the different ways in which it can be seen and put to good use by all.
  • We are planning on publishing a printed and NFT book about the exhibition.
  • We are going through all the footage we recorded, including interviews, and thinking of the best ways to share it.

Ideas from the community are more than welcome.

Benoit Couty, Robert Alice, Robert Norton, Bea, Colborn, ROBNESS.

Many people worked tirelessly to make this festival happen as beautifully and smoothly as it did. We are deeply grateful to all of them: Mar Portal, Adriana Genel, Germán Herrera, Fanny Lakoubay, Peter Nicholson, Gypsielou, White Rabbit, Lenara Verle, and the fantastic team from The Yellow B, especially Ana Sofía and Javier. We are also grateful to our hosts at the RCA for letting us make their space our home.

The DADA Team: Ilan Katin, Otro, Javier Errecarte, Mar Espi, Marko Zubak, Isa Kost, Gypsielou, Eleonora Brizi, Fanny Lakoubay, Judy Mam, Cromo, Vanesa Stati, and gift from Kilian Kunst.

To Eleonora Brizi and her team (Bianca Bisarra, Sabrina Elisabetta Laterza, Rosalba Campanella) for putting together The Past of the Future, the first Historic NFT retrospective.
To Jon Perkins, David Moore, Aisha Arif, and Colborn Bell for curating art from Superrare, Known Origin, Makersplace and MOCA, respectively, and to Bench, Scrilla, Judy, Shawn Leary, Gordon Berger, Pepelangelo, Nili Lerner, and Gleb Divov for contributing physical artworks for the exhibition.

To the DADA Collective artists who created the Commonplace installation:
Otro, Cromo, Isa Kost, Bea, and Boris Simunich, and the artists who contributed to it in Barcelona: Ilan Katin, Javier Errecarte, Vanesa Stati, Marko Zubak, and Lissette.

From left: Otro, Mar Portal, Vanesa Stati, Marko Zubak, Bea, Isa Kost, Javier Errecarte, Boris Z. Simunich, Cromo, Lissette.

We thank everyone in Barcelona who helped make this Festival such a unique and fun experience:

∞ Music by Jonathan Mann, Rare Scrilla, Theo Goodman, Tatiana Moroz, and Sherone Rabinovitz.

∞ Christian Moss and all the generous donors of Historic NFTs to the fabulous Treasure Hunt.

∞ Angie Taylor, Karen Eng, and Pepelangelo for their creativity at the Imaginarium.

∞ Angie Taylor again for coordinating the music for the Creeps & Weirdos 5th Birthday Bash, and to Eclectic Method, Basseado, Vector Meldrew and the DJs of the Cult of Crypto Art for their beats. Kudos too to Primavera De Filippi for organizing the unforgettable No Talent Show.

In short, thanks to everyone who participated with their passion and their ideas. You all made it happen.

The opening cocktail party
DJs Theo and Scrilla
Music Jam: Jonathan Mann, Tatiana Moroz, and Gleb Divov.
The Imaginarium: Karen Eng, Pepelangelo, Christian Moss and Colborn (drawing Pepes!)
The No Talent Show: Instigator Primavera, Albertine, Thuy-Tien, Benoit, and Fanny. Sir Elton John desperately attempting a photo bomb. Lennon and McCartney wait their turn.

As we look to the future of the festival we are sure to double down on what worked (musical chairs!, 5-minute talks!), early community engagement, and a dash of DADA magic. We welcome anyone who wants to contribute in making the HNFT Festival a resource of scholarship, the exchange of ideas, innovation, creativity, community and joy for years to come.

See you at the next one!



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