The Complacency of Crypto Art

Hernán Cacciatore. Ghostly Scents

“Blockchain feels like it’s either the wild west or the Renaissance,”

said Judy Mam, our cofounder, at Christie’s Art & Tech Summit back in the Summer of 2018. People in crypto are either attracted to the gold rush or to the promise of real change. The beauty of the crypto art movement is that it was all about the latter.

Fast forward two years. Crypto art has become precisely what it claimed to disrupt: a crypto version of the conventional art market.

Naturally, a Museum of Crypto Art that buys a transparent pixel for $15,000 from an artist with a large following on Twitter may be exactly the kind of museum we deserve. But is it the kind of museum we intended?

Alpha by Murat Pak
Hernán Cacciatore. Flower Loves A Man.
Lissette. Untitled.

If we are looking to make the system more equitable for artists, then we are not really effecting a significant change from the status quo.

On one hand, yes, the transfer of wealth from artists to collectors in the art market is 100%, whereas in SuperRare it is 90%. On the other hand, just like in the art market, arbitrary speculation pushed Robbie to the top of a star system that disproportionately benefits him over many other talented artists.

Lissette. Conversación con Claudia.



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