System Model Session 9

With a very special guest.

Visual conversation at

For our weekly System Model working group we had a wonderful conversation about collecting, and how the Invisible Economy will work for artists and collectors. Watch:

Mekyle: I mean if you aren’t popular in high-school and you finally get attention on social media. I’d probably be the same.

Judy: Haha, that is the key: a nerd revolt.

Sebnem: Can you share the link?


Judy: Thanks, Sam.

Mekyle: I’ll remember you, if you’re good enough I’ll build a shrine.

Judy: We’re going to have to build a shrine to Mekyle.



Dada keeps it real always. I’m helping cause y’all cool.

Judy: We’re all cool because you’re helping. It’s a two-way street.

Mekyle: Straight facts

Ser Ste:

Mekyle: All my ideas are terrible.

Sparrow: omg 100%. Not your ideas Mekyle… But the thing about the movies being made. for sure.

Mekyle: Disagree, Fast and Furious 10 is unique and intellectually stimulating.

Judy: My movie blog is called I’ve Had It With Hollywood for a reason.

Mekyle: ^ is a joke. The thing I hate the most is the live-action movies of Disney classics.

Judy: Appalling

Mekyle: brb

Judy: I’ma share the blog here because I think Mekyle will get a kick out of my review of Cats.

Mekyle: “They’re evil, I recommend dogs”

Judy: ;)

Sam: de-reification

Judy: What does that mean?

Sam: Undoing reification. Reification is a complex idea for when you treat something immaterial — like happiness, fear, or evil — as a material thing.

Judy: Got it! Thanks. It sounds like an esoteric name for capitalism.

Yes, Sam?

Sam: like ROB NESS. An example of the price of the work is part of the work.

Judy: yes

Ser Ste: it enhances the single person. It helps shape individuals without egotism.

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