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The DADA Collective dreams of the Mediterranean

Temporal by Otro Captore

The Mediterranean is fertile ground for delving into the collective dream of humanity. In its deep waters lies the subconscious of entire civilizations: the sea as both creator and witness of history. Dreams, myths and cultures sail, live, and die through its currents.

The Arrival by Otro Captore

Otro Captore, a veteran DADA artist, in collaboration with Mar Espi, and the participation of Beatriz Ramos, Marko Zubak, Adriana Genel, and Judy Mam, represent The DADA Collective in this exhibition for Medseart.

Otro Captore portrays the Mediterranean as a fertile, feminine space, a symbolic return to amniotic fluid, as a source of life, and the resting place of death. A mirror in which we encounter our deepest selves. She trained this authorial model with images resulting from her research on vestiges of civilizations that sleep beneath the Mediterranean, from its coasts in Greece and Italy to Egypt, Turkey, and Tunisia.

At Play

Inspired by ancient cities such as Heraklion, Canopus, Menouthis, Alexandria, and Neapolis, and historical shipwrecks that evoke more recent tragedies, this is a dreamlike vision of a vibrant human world, born from the subconscious of the Mediterranean, which asserts its independence, impacting civilizations.


Otro Captore is a stateless multidisciplinary artist who works from a psychoanalytic perspective, viewing art as sublimation and addressing themes such as the gaze, the broken body, the skin, and the unconscious.

Quietude by Mar Espi

Mar Espi’s fantastical vision is a visual reflection on adaptation, the protection of marine ecosystems, and their impact on the environment. Her works are a combination of her own drawings trained in Alias, and 3D modeling techniques. Mar is a Spanish artist who is passionate about the intersection between nature and fiction. Her art explores themes of adaptation and transformation.

Touch Bottom

In addition to the art created by Otro and Mar, this was a collaborative effort. Marko also experimented with the model but was instrumental in the technical implementation for the delivery of the artworks, Beatriz created the video montages as well as the color correction, the team curated these 51 works collectively, and Judy wrote the accompanying text for the exhibition and created the titles of the works.

This collection of 51 AI works was generated by the authorial model trained in Alias. It will be exhibited at Medseart, a gathering in Menorca, Spain that brings together a community of collectors, curators, and 17 digital artists from around the world who share their vision on the influence of the Mediterranean and the interplay between tradition and contemporary artistic expression.

Medseart features our fellow artists: Ana María Caballero, Ana Carreras, Darío Lanza, DocT, Ganbrood, Huemin, Ira Greenberg, Iskra Velitchkova, Linda Dounia, Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez, Mario Klingemann, Norman Harman, P1xelfool, Roope Rainisto, and Seohyo.

Underwater is available to collect here. Minting starts June 20.

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