Open Sesame!
3 min readMay 18, 2023


The DADA Perspective opens at MEET Digital Culture Center

Finally the moment arrives: MEET opens its doors to our exhibition.

There is no greater joy than to see an audience connect with our work, since many hearts and minds were involved in making this retrospective a reality.

Maria Grazia Mattei, director of the MEET, inaugurates the DADA Perspective. With curator Eleonora Brizi, Judy Mam and Beatriz Ramos of DADA.

People line up for opening night. A very important soccer match between two Milan teams was happening that night but we had an impressive crowd.

Visitors to the DADA Ecosystem Room can choose one of six intrinsic motivations: belonging, creativity, curiosity, freedom, hopefulness, or integrity, as a fun way to get a sense of the inner workings of the Invisible Economy.

At the DADA House people can use QR codes to enjoy AR art from DADA artists.

A visitor is mesmerized by the videos in the historic NFT room.

After making their way through the show, people arrive at the Immersive Room.

In the beginning, there is the doodle.

“Because everything starts from a doodle, and it’s to the doodle we need to learn to return to in case we lose our digital connection.”
Quote from an article in La Repubblica about the DADA Perspective.

The presence of many DADAKIN and friends who joined us for this very special occasion made it all even sweeter. Our endless thanks to everyone who made it happen.

We’re looking forward to a month of workshops about blockchain, NFTs, and the Invisible Economy, as well as performances, drink and draw events, a Treasure Hunt, live drawing performances, and appearances by special guests: a full DADA schedule. Come by Milan and say hi!



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