Introducing the DADA Exit to Community

  • What’s the best form of legal entity that enables DADA to continue as a wholly community owned and controlled project, while providing legal certainty and protection to all members?
  • What legal considerations do we need to keep in mind when minting and distributing governance tokens?
  • Which resources need to be transitioned to community ownership?
  • How will this occur practically?
  • How will these resources benefit the community and the Invisible Economy? And how will they be sustained over time?
  • With the community in control, how will governance work to remain fair, equal, efficient and transparent?
  • What does this transition mean for the configuration of the platform and the current collection of art on the Ethereum blockchain?
  • How and where will tokens be minted, distributed and used?
  • Which supporting tools will we require to implement our governance designs?
  • Are there other technologies we can draw on to help us on our path towards E2C and the Invisible Economy?



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A collaborative art platform where people worldwide speak through drawings. Building a blockchain token economy for the arts.