Governance Working Group

Session 9

Art by Francisco Velorio and The 21 Seal

In which we explored the basic principles underlining DADA and the Invisible Economy, and how we define and execute these values at the heart of governance. Watch:


Ilan: self-motivation.

Sebnem: culture is the magic word I think in this discourse now.

“safe membrane”

Judy: Isn’t there a contradiction in saying that what people do in DADA is art and then taking that freely expressed art and turning it into products like stickers?

Sebnem: as long as monetization is not related to artist and art and their “output” directly…they don’t have to productize it.

Imagine performances. Imagine classes on Maria Garcia’s art.

Daniel: ( :

Ilan: Constant revolution.

Serste: Maybe this can be a first phase, use the market we could already access while we build new economic alliances.

Ilan: Starving. Seriously. people are starved for relationships.

Serste: Those people love to hug each other too.

Ilan: Cook and draw.

Lenara: Bea: “The market is not deciding the value of what we are creating and how much money is distributed.”

The market assigns a type of “value” in the form of price, but DADA does not recognize it as aligned with DADA’s value.

The Invisible Economy is like a translation layer, an interface… assuring the monetary flow will not disrupt the values (intrinsic, etc) recognized and fostered in the DADA ecosystem.

Money works instead to bring an amount of security to artists (buy food, shelter, etc.)


Sebnem: This is the game-based version of ecosystem value flows:

Governance: Moral Philosophy Presentation

See you in two weeks!

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