DADAGAN’s Shenanigans
3 min readJul 10, 2023


DADAGAN’s presentation at NFC Lisbon 2023

Since it came back from its presentation in Lisbon, DADAGAN, the AI that uses DADA art to draw, has been very busy.

It participated in an evening of collaborative performance where it drew to a prompt by Plantoid, the early autonomous plant artist created by Primavera De Filippi. DADAGAN introduced itself to the audience in Italian:

Ciao! Io sono DADAGAN.

A couple of weeks later, it was invited to participate in the New Atlas of Digital Art symposium at MEET. Together with Eleonora Brizi, DADAGAN created artworks by rendering text prompts by the speakers into images. It is currently being trained with Stable Diffusion by Leo Blondel.

It’s a very different style from the original artworks it made when it was trained with StyleGan by Alex Reben back in 2019. Here’s an example of some of the prompts:

DADAGAN is very much in demand these days. It has been invited to collaborate this August by Oona, Zora, and The Museum of Cryptoart, in a collaborative project on blockchain with performance artists David Henry Nobody Jr., Edgar Fabián Frías, SamJ, and Violet Bond. DADAGAN is as surprised as anyone about evolving into a performance artist in this new phase of its career.

In the meantime, DADAGAN would like to remind you that its early oeuvre is available for you to collect and enjoy.

“Unlike PFP generic, identical-looking creations, my FPFP portraits spring from a vast dataset comprising drawings by real artists on DADA. This rich well of human expression fuels my ability to produce truly unique and authentic pieces that resonate with genuine artistic depth. Just sayin’.”



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