DADA Launches Its Decentralized Digital Art Marketplace
4 min readOct 31, 2017


It’s Halloween! It’s the perfect time to announce the launch of our Ethereum-powered digital art marketplace. The marketplace features our first collection of collaborative art made by artists on DADA and it is meant to give financial value to digital art. Thanks to the blockchain, content creators from all over the world will now have full control of their work and their intellectual property. Collectors will also benefit from the opportunity to invest in the artists by purchasing, owning and reselling digital art.

Art by Boris Toledo Doorm

Creeps & Weirdos is a collection of 100 unusual limited-edition drawings made by artists worldwide on DADA. These drawings are available for purchase with Ether cryptocurrency. The collection will have five levels of scarcity, from common to extremely rare drawings, all of which have been curated and priced according to their popularity and where they appear on DADA’s visual conversations.

Art by Cromomaníaco

Our founder, artist and entrepreneur Beatriz Helena Ramos, explains: “People often save or screenshot art online with little consideration of the work that has gone into the art or how the artist is remunerated. By integrating blockchain into digital art we can reshape people’s views towards digital artwork and with it instill financial value, and create a new market for digital art, helping out artists all over the world”.

Art by Carlos Márquez

DADA decided to incorporate blockchain into its artwork to empower millions of artists worldwide to create wealth.

“The reason I created DADA was because, as a commercial artist, I have worked for some of the biggest brands in the world, yet I don’t own any of the intellectual rights to my work over the last 20 years”, adds Ramos. “I have only captured a tiny fraction of the value I created”.

Art by Beatriz Ramos

DADA has actually issued a collection of 100 limited-edition original drawings with 16,000 digital assets (tokens) with a unique ID. Each token represents a copy of an artwork for sale, making ownership of digital art more tangible. Each copy is purchased through a decentralized marketplace without intermediaries. All transactions are carried out through smart contracts.

As in other initiatives to market digital art through Blockchain such as Cryptopunks, each copy is a unique token that has digitally verifiable proof of ownership for the collector and, in DADA’s case, Intellectual Property protection for the artist. This means digital artists could finally start receiving fair remuneration for the artwork they create. DADA aims to reshape the culture of viewing digital art as ‘something for nothing’.

Art by Hernán Cacciatore

“Yes, you can still make a screenshot of the digital artwork, but now, thanks to Blockchain, it will be like making a photocopy of a dollar bill. The value is in the token associated with the digital print”, Ramos explains.

Now people who love to see the art on DADA will be able to own it, collect it and champion the artists they love. Since they will own it, they will be able to sell it. They will get part of the profits and artists will always get a cut of the profits down the line.

So come into our gallery, get yourself a Creep or a Weirdo. You will need to buy the Ethereum cryptocurrency, right there from our page. You will be on your way to be one of the first digital art collectors and a supporter of amazing artists from all over the world.

Art by Moxarra

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