DADA at Rare AF 3
2 min readMay 15, 2020


Our artists speak!

The Artists Speak

As part of the third edition of the Rare Art Festival, DADA is inviting some of our crypto artists for a 30-minute talk about what it means to be an artist on the blockchain.

We will be hosting 3 simultaneous virtual talks via Zoom in English, Italian, and Spanish.

Pick your language and join us this Sunday, May 17 at 3:30 pm ET.

Make sure you tune in at your local time!


Art by Ilan Katin and Alex Henry

Featuring artists Alex Henry and Ilan Katin.
Moderated by Judy Mam.

Join us here


Art by Isa Kost, Serste, and Mlibty

Featuring artists Isa Kost, Marko Zubak (Mlibty), and Serena Stelitano (Serste).
Moderated by Serena Tabacchi from
Join us here.


Self-portraits by Mar Espi, Moxarra, Mr. Monk, and Beatriz Ramos.

Featuring artists Mar Espi, Moxarra González and Mr. Monk.
Moderated by Beatriz Ramos.

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