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2 min readJan 19, 2021

Session 7

Art by Francisco Velorio and Ilan Katin

We discuss the nature of gift-giving, donations, patronage, how it feels to steward art, and more. The cover art is by Francisco Velorio who kindly gifted us the dada.eth domain he owned. Another example of the DADA effect. Giving brings more giving, spontaneously and generously. Watch:

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Lenara: Bunky Pad is Ilan.

Judy: International Man of Mystery.

Ilan: poor little bunky. International bunky of misery.

Sebnem: relationship yes.

Ilan: good definition.

Lenara: There are several things normally connected to “donation”:

• the person is in need

• the donor does not need the item donated (old clothes, etc.)

• there is no need for a previous relationship between donor and receiver

• there needs to be signaling of the need/lack

So it’s only a valid gift if you, too, really want it? Interesting the underlying premise.

Judy: In my friend’s view, yes. It was the only socially acceptable way.

Serste: I think is interesting because also talks about accumulating stuff we don’t value, in opposition to collecting-gifting valuable stuff such as rare art.

Karen: I have for decades maintained, “I don’t do gratuitous gift-giving.” On the other hand, I delight in giving people gifts! It just might not be at the moment they expect. But it will be because I wanted to and thought of that person rather than out of obligation.

Judy: Exactly

Karen: Having said that I believe in mutuality and reciprocity as high values.

Ilan: My mom’s answer: only perishables.

Judy: Your mom: genius

Karen: There is also reciprocity as existential trust that what you put out, you will receive in return in ways you can’t imagine.

Sparrow: Yes, that s is also quite key, Karen.

Sebnem: Yes more like that.

Karen: There is a teacher out there who says, “Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.” And that money is one of those things that allows that, but it is only one of the things. And not the main one, at that! The problem is: are we open to receiving those kinds of abundance? Would we recognize it if it arrived on our doorstep and announced itself? :)

Sebnem: If I would use spectrum again for reciprocity: on one end existential trust (safety net) on the other side of the spectrum quid-pro-quo (“trustless” conditional smart contracts)

Design thinking monks.

Karen: 😂

Wow, yes — we are all one thing. What benefits one benefits all because we are all one thing.

Lenara: The discussion of values brings value.

The whole “donation” difference seems to be stronger in certain cultures/languages.

See you next time!



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