Crypto Art Working Group

Session 5

Art by Joe Chiappetta

Watch the conversation about arriving at a consensus about ethics in crypto art. Juicy!


Eleonora: Agree. We need the rules. The matter is WHAT rules. New rules. The good thing with crypto space is that we have the privilege of going with writing rules after facts happened, together. And not the opposite, the Roman way: first the rules then we apply them.

Karen: Human decency?

Judy: Human decency is a good rule.

Sparrow: Basic human decency would be good. Human decency & common sense!

Judy: Alas, it’s not always a given. Some people don’t have it.

Gus: Common sense is the least common of the senses among most people.

Judy: True, Gus.

Karen: That’s what values are. :)

Lenara: I like the idea of a compass.

Sparrow: Yes, but whose values?

Karen: A crypto art ombudsman?


Karen: I can imagine if people from the crypto art space are loosely magnetised together to serve as a party that listens and allows a space for discussion and arbitration.

Judy: How do you loosely magnetize people?

Karen: I mean as with DADA — the people for whom it resonates will show up and do that job.

Judy: Oh I see, makes sense.

Karen: Yes we all hope not to be shot when we leave the house!

Lenara: It’s not so much about objections but having a reason. and I think it can evolve. It’s actually crucial to have discussions about it and evolve the “rules” together and keep refining them.

Karen: Not sure how this can be applied, but there’s a concept from the Relationship Anarchy world, I think, that says Rules are what you impose on other people, and Boundaries are limits you create for yourself. Boundaries are created by values, and the responsibility lies with the self. So that takes some of the tension out of trying to get people to behave the way you want them to. You live by and stand up for your values, attract like-minded souls, and leave the rest. Maybe in the case of the harassed woman, my boundary is that my values won’t let me stand by as X is harassed, so I will do what I can to stand up for that person, start a dialogue, as you Bea just said.

Judy: makes sense.

Karen: Joe — that’s basically good parenting. :D

Karen: Re: the boundary thing — so maybe we stop talking about “rules” and start talking about “boundaries”.

Lenara: 🐘🐘🐘🐘

Serste: Not engaging doesn’t equal being positive.

Karen: For me, and I said this in the KO community meeting yesterday too, I’m looking for crypto art communities with values that make sense to me (like this one!) because otherwise, I’d just give up! It wouldn’t be worth it.

Judy: :)

Karen: Bookmarking to read later, I looked to see if there is a universal set of morals.

Judy: Thank you, Karen.

Karen: After the election I made a set of 50 NFTs that were free, to celebrate, and minted them on Rarible. Normally my art is very slow to sell so it didn’t occur to me that anyone would want them. I then one by one started sending to friends. While I was doing that, a collector just took half of them and immediately started flipping them.

Karen: I felt shocked — but also naive.

Judy: We feel your pain, Karen. We launched a collection for people to claim for free and out of 47 drawings one collector grabbed more than half for himself.

Serste: I’m sorry to read this, Karen.

Karen: Just in terms of people’s morality, it’s hard for me even to understand. People called him on it but he was perfectly happy with himself.

Judy: :(

Karen: I decided that in terms of my own values it WAS important to give them away free, and so I had to pay the price for that! :) But lesson learned!


Serste: la buona novella

Serste: very rare.

Karen: Hey, WOCA, and 105 are pretty good. :P

Lenara: yes, it’s pretty amazing.

Serste: thank you all!

Eleonora: We are at the Oscars, thanks.

Eleonora: Oscar moment.

Judy: Cryptonovelas

Barbara: Here is Crypto saga novelas are out.