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2 min readFeb 10, 2021

Session 10: Virtual Worlds

Pearl Gallery

We spoke about the pros and cons of virtual art worlds with Melody Owen, who is kindly lending WOCA and DADA virtual gallery space, for all the right reasons. Watch:


Karen Eng: It’s super interesting to get your impressions of the various worlds, thank you. I have similar feelings about Decentraland vs Crytpovoxels.

Yes, it feels commercial which puts me off somewhat.

Marko: Totally same feeling. I don’t even go to DCL if I can avoid :)

Ser Ste: uh I know occupy white walls… nice stuff


Ser Ste: aaawww, so nice!

Karen Eng: Cool! It’s interesting my living room is that color with some arches like that too! This is very familiar. WOCA!! yay. Oh wow, I love that!!

Marko: What are your office hours? :))

Karen: I have never sold anything personally via Crypotvoxels so for me it’s not about that. But I have had live events in CV including the virtual March on Washington, which drew a lot of users that had never used CV before and was quite an amazing experience.

Yes and for the 105 collective (with Sparrow) CV allowed us (five total strangers in different cities) to have an exhibition together that was constructed specifically to be accessible for anyone in the world for free.

There’s Mozilla Hubs too.

Haha do you guys remember a book called Commodify Your Dissent? :)

Melody what is your Twitter?


See you at the Pearl Gallery soon!



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