Contribution Metrics Working Group

Session 2

The Elemental Blue

Not that we say so ourselves, but these conversations are getting deeper, more satisfying, and with more concrete insights.

In our second meeting, Bea presented a table of needs, motivations, and incentives.

We discussed the differences between them, how they relate to one another, and the patterns that emerge.

Take a look at the insights the group arrived at in the video:

Here are some links and notes that were shared in the chat.

Sparrow: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us from Daniel Pink, whom we quote extensively in our paper.

An apropos musical interlude from Sam:

And one from Ilan:

We were talking about the need for qualifications when the need to do something for a community implies safety issues, such as an engineer who wants to build bridges or buildings.

James: Does the bridge analogy break down as building bridges, at least in the UK requires some level of inspection, regulation, and controls which ensure that regardless of the motivation of the builder, it is still safe for everyone?

Speaking of incentives, they are basically a way to account for quantifiable value.

Naj: this is the way for the market to put a price on our needs.

There is a concept called Negotiation with self which helps us decide what we want to do next in life and what we value. Then, there is the concept of negotiation with society, where we decide what is important for us to see in society and struggle with society for that. Next comes Objective Conditioning which is how circumstances lead us to our current condition leading to unmet intrinsic needs where the market comes in to put a price on that need.

This book might help in understanding a few concepts related to this:

To refresh your mind, here is the Incentive Framework chapter on The Invisible Economy.

And here is the Octalysis gamification framework by Yu-kai Chow.

Lots of food for thought… See you in two weeks!



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