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Session 9

Visual conversation in

In which we explore an invisible token, a system run by gifts, and the ineffable Mariachi Effect. Find out more:

Ilan: Isaaaaaaaaaaa!

Isa: ❤️

Ilan: Love your avatar, Meykle.


Mekyle: Thanks, I think it describes me well.

Ilan: :)))

Mekyle: yea gas is lame.

Judy: That’s right, Sparrow.

Mekyle: They send a red packet. What do you think about a red packet like system?

Judy: What’s a red packet?

Mekyle: It’s what the Chinese use to gift each other on WeChat. It’s given on special occasions and contains money. It’s given on birthdays, holidays, when you have a baby, etc.

Judy: Got it.

Sparrow: I like the water metaphor too. But then, I am a water sign (in line with Judy’s astrology).

Mekyle: Thanks, Judy.

Judy: You bet.

Mekyle: So these gifts don’t have to have a monetary value attached to it?

Sparrow: They can, but you choose the amount.

Mekyle: Ahh okay I get it, each sticker has a value.

Sparrow: No.

Mekyle: But then why the stickers, why not allow people to upload their own image and attach a value to it? Either zero value or something.

Lenara: Maybe they can draw custom images, that’s good too I think. But if they don’t want to draw they can use those.

Mekyle: Ah okay I see.

Lenara: Also they can choose any sticker or other things and they don’t have any fixed value; they freely choose if they want to give money additionally. It’s not connected to a specific sticker a specific amount.

Mekyle: Thanks, Bea, I get it now.

Lenara: I like the Dada fx person, almost wish it was available in pill/mushroom form 🤪

Judy: It’s available in visual conversation form.

Mekyle: A lotus flower with each petal being a different section would be cool

Lenara: We could just hide some of the “empty” days when people don’t do things ;). Like subway maps. The stations look like they are at the same distance but the ones downtown are much closer to each other in reality.

Mekyle: I’m good at being human too. not*

I would say that you can attach a note to the sticker when you send it would be nice.

Sparrow: That was there in the example, yes. It is important (and something we want to encourage) — the expression of what you feel or being able to express yourself by doing this.

Mekyle: I’m a gringo, sad gringo noises.

Judy: Happy gringo noises.

Lenara: Icon for mariachi eruption, please.

Judy: Maybe it could be some music.


Mekyle: Good question. I see my inferiority in DADA, when I go there I am reminded of my terrible drawing ability.

Judy: No judgment ever on DADA!

Mekyle: Once I get a drawing tablet I will try

Judy: Don’t wait until then. Try it out raw.

Mekyle: That’s what she said, jkjk.

Judy: hahaha

Mekyle: lemme try

Sparrow: I use my trackpad on my laptop, Mekyle :)

Judy: I knew it sounded a bit risqué.

Mekyle: lmao

Sparrow: It’s so hard not to say that… we need a word!

Ilan: I can sell you diapers.

Judy: If you draw them I’ll buy.

Mekyle: I’m going to draw a cute bear.

Ilan: Coming right up!

Judy: I’m here for the cute bears and diapers, or cute bears with diapers.

Mekyle: 0_0

See you next time!

A collaborative art platform where people worldwide speak through drawings. Building a blockchain token economy for the arts. DADA. Living Art.

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