A New Standard for Art Remixes

Crypto Art Working Group Session 2

Mona Lisa Remix by Boris Toledo

This was a super enlightening session with Primavera De Filippi where we talked about the need to go beyond copyright laws for rare digital art and NFTs and create a technological contractual framework — a new standard that will encourage more creativity and collaboration. In the context of our proposal for a remix button across platforms and inspired by the Creative Commons license but updated to the realities of NFTs, smart contracts, and the permissionless, peer to peer, decentralized future. Take a look:

The chat was on fire too:

Kirk: Following up on Primavera’s / Sparrow’s points — is there any example of a platform using a kind of multi-signature approval process for a piece to be “mixed”? Where those that own/created the NFT (or have previously owned) can vote on an outside artist’s request to remix the work within their own…? Maybe this way we can start to map out what piece inspires what new “mixes” etc. Could be interesting as an on-chain map of crypto art influence, but also an infra to curate a new method for copyright.

Serena: Some questions: how do you reinforce this mechanism in international copyright law? Are licenses valid for life? What if artists are considered non for profit but do issue art which includes a remix from another artist later on?

Primavera: I wrote about this back in 2014. I called it “copy-far-left”. :)

Audsssy: Not a question but just a comment. IIRC MetaMask recently changed their license so that websites with over 10k users using MetaMask will need to get a commercial license from MetaMask. In contrast, individuals using MetaMask or developing MetaMask would not need a commercial license.

Jon: Ah interesting…

Audsssy: https://medium.com/metamask/evolving-our-license-for-the-next-wave-of-metamask-users-81b0b494c09a

Kirk: Wow that could make things complicated.

Audsssy: Yea for sure. Enforcement will be quite cumbersome.

Jon: Anyone read Remix, by Lawrence Lessig? I enjoyed it and he’s been a big voice in the cc space… would be super interesting to pitch this idea to him!

Primavera: It’s on the agenda. ;)

Audsssy: Oh wow!

Primavera: to Serena: https://www.technollama.co.uk/cc-4-0-an-end-to-porting-creative-commons-licenses


Terrence: this contributing to the pool is I think on the right track. Exactly.

Larger representation of the DADA structure. Contributing to the commons.

Kirk: Almost like Uniswap where you can “pool” by contributing to an overall “artwork” then — maybe earn fractions or bits of contributed art packs or asset packs (reference to Joe’s point on cryptographics).

More resources:

Here are some thoughts on the topic by Sparrow.

And here is an interesting instance of digital art licensing shared by Audsssy.

We will continue discussing this important topic. See you in two weeks!



A collaborative art platform where people worldwide speak through drawings. Building a blockchain token economy for the arts. https://dada.art

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A collaborative art platform where people worldwide speak through drawings. Building a blockchain token economy for the arts. https://dada.art