A Creeps & Weirdos Extravaganza

3 min readJun 13, 2022


This NFT.NYC, we’re taking over New York.

The Creeps & Weirdos are bringing that good ole DADA magic, fun, and bonafide historical NFTs to town. Here’s the breakdown:

June 18, 1 pm to 5 pm:
The Creeps & Weirdos Float at the Mermaid Parade

Let’s get the festivities rolling at this fabulous New York City tradition in Coney Island. We’re proud to be sponsors of the 40th anniversary of this fantastic event with our very own Creeps & Weirdos float. Come meet DADA artists in the flesh and let your freak fly for a day of fun in the sun.

June 19–23: Posters everywhere!

In New York City for NFT.NYC? Be on the lookout for Creeps & Weirdos posters all over town. Take a snapshot for us if you run into one.

June 20–23: The Creeps & Weirdos over Times Square

Look up! For the duration of the conference, the Creeps & Weirdos will make a special appearance at the giant screens in Times Square. They will flash randomly throughout the day so we suggest you camp out there for three days in order to get a glimpse of the greatest creatures ever to appear in these screens. We’re not kidding.

June 20–22: The Creeps & Weirdos Pop-Up Gallery

This is a gallery unlike any other NFT gallery. We are at the epicenter of NYC cool in the Meatpacking District in a very special nook showcasing our freaky first collection of NFTs from 2017. Stop by and meet some of the artists who created them, and get to fall in love with a Creep or a Weirdo, or 108 of them.

We have invited 11 DADA artists from all over the world, including original C&W artists, to come to New York and celebrate the Creeps & Weirdos with us. During their stay, they will be creating a physical work of art which will also be exhibited at the gallery, with the collaboration of DADA artists who will be here in spirit.

821 Washington Street

June 20: 7 pm — 10 pm
June 21: 11 am — 6 pm
June 22: 2 pm — 9 pm

Open to the public.

June 21, 7 pm: The Nuptials of Creep & Weirdo

We will celebrate the enduring love of Creeps & Weirdos with a wedding ceremony officiated by the High Priest of the Church of CryptoArt, and featuring more special guests and surprises. If you are in town for NFTNYC, and you would love to attend, please let us know.

Bea Speaks at NFT.NYC

Bea will be speaking about the journey of the Creeps & Weirdos from 2017 to this day and how this collection has impacted the DADA community and influenced the crypto art community. She is a tremendous speaker, so take a break from your networking to take a listen. Check your conference program for date and time.

As you can see, the Creeps are going to town, and they are here to stay.
Join us in celebrating them.




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