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While we consolidate our key communication tools in our own platform, here’s a list of links where you can interact with DADA and with the creation of the Invisible Economy:

Mientras consolidamos las herramientas de comunicación en nuestra propia plataforma, aquí hay una lista de enlaces en los que puedes interactuar con DADA y con la creación de la Economía Invisible:


So Why Is DADA Ditching Royalties?

By Beatriz Helena Ramos

A Bit of History of NFT Royalties

Back in 2017 when we launched the Creeps & Weirdos collection, one of the most exciting aspects was the possibility to guarantee resale royalties for artists in perpetuity. DADA was the first platform to ever code resale royalties on smart…

System Model Session 11

Nifty Inks by DADA artists Grandenchilada, Moxarra, Ilan Katin, and Mlibty.

Last week we had a very special guest and a super fun conversation with the irrepressible Austin Griffith, who is responsible for the lovely Nifty Ink platform, which helps onboard people to crypto easily and affordably through xDAI. It reminds us of us in the best possible way. You’re gonna love this:

More fun stuff by Austin:

Crypto Art Session 11

Data art by Isa Kost

We are so very fortunate to have in Isa Kost a DADA artist who also loves to visualize data. So she conducted an experiment with the help of some DADA artists who shared info with her to turn some of this DADA data into art. DADA data includes intangibles like feelings. Take a look at her process and at the infinite possibilities of making art out of data:

Session 14

Visual Conversation at dada.art

Where we discuss how to build a community that doesn’t depend on traditional business models but that doesn’t depend on donations either because donations in their own way can be damaging as profit models and even gift economies are tricky, as they can get really toxic. So we have to be really mindful and see where are the top 6 dynamics, and why they happen. Watch:

Continuación de la sesión 1.

Interacción de Color

Después de hablar de blockchain, los participantes quisieron saber más sobre la Economía Invisible en particular, así que Beatriz habló sobre este nuevo sistema económico aplicado a DADA, basado en las motivaciones intrínsecas (las cosas que hacemos porque nos nacen de adentro), a diferencia de las extrínsecas, que son las motivaciones impuestas desde fuera como los premios, salarios, puestos, calificaciones, etc. Dale un vistazo:


A collaborative art platform where people worldwide speak through drawings. Building a blockchain token economy for the arts. DADA. Living Art. https://dada.art

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